IPG Execs say “FUCK YOU” to recession and shareholders alike

Today AdWeek reports that IPG Execs enjoyed a 2008 pay hike of substantional amounts.

Interpublic Group CEO Michael Roth (pictured) received $10.84 million in compensation in 2008, including a 17.7 percent hike in his base salary to $1.3 million.

Roth’s total compensation, which includes stock, bonus and perquisites, rose 21 percent over the previous year, according to information in IPG’s newly filed proxy for the company’s annual meeting.

The second-highest paid executive at the company is John Dooner, CEO of McCann Worldgroup (and former IPG CEO), who was given $5.21 million in total compensation, including a base salary of $1.28 million, unchanged from 2007. In the year-earlier period, Dooner received $5.87 million in compensation.

The comments sure are fiery and rightfully so.  My question to them is will they do anything about it?  Sure execs ripping off the shareholders is nothing new, but in this economy it tends to sting more than usual.




Digital Catfight

An “anonymous” article posted on AgencySpy about the Digital Agencies that are doing things RIGHT have the various bigwigs of the Digital industry up in arms with their veritable panties in a bunch.  I don’t know why Matt even posted the article (maybe to incite this entertaining albeit immature mudslinging fest) since the actual article itself is clueless and total shit.  AdFreak recaps it nicely:

…things took an interesting turn when Craig Elimeliah of Freedom and Partners lambasted Firstborn Interactive as being on the decline. That didn’t sit well with Michael Ferdman, Elimeliah’s former boss at Firstborn. He promised to take the gloves off, and boy did he ever. “Maybe as your boss says you should stop ‘jerking off’ and actually get down to some work,” Ferdman wrote. “Speaking of work … do you ever actually work or just blog, tweet and pretend to be important all day?” Ouch. Elimeliah answers back, and his new boss (Mark Ferdman) joins in, along with cameos by Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz and Barbarian Group COO Rick Webb.

Either way it’s obvious there’s a lot of drama and bitter animosity over the splintering of Firstborn and consequenctly the making of Freedom + Partners.  It would be interesting to hear the real story from both sides.  (Guys feel free to contact me on this!)  Certainly something drastic must have happened for cousins to split and become competitors.  Also, with the exit of several high ranked people within Firstborn that jumped ship for Freedom + Partners there must have been something they were not happy with about Firstborn…or maybe it was just higher pay, wanting to be part of a new developing shop?  Who knows, but let us know!  As always, email your juicy tips and info to agencybs@gmail.com.


Dominos, one more reason NOT to eat it!

As if you needed another reason NOT to eat the crap in a box (no not this crapinabox) we call Dominos pizza here’s more:

AdAge and other media outlets are reporting on this huge fiascco involving Dominos employee’s seen in a video posted to YouTube of them doing some really disgusting things to an “unfortunate” customers’ pizza.  Apparently due to some great online sleuthing, said employee’s have now been fired.  Read all about it:

AdAge Article

Enfatico Folds in WPP!

Finally finally finally!  I guess you could really say the crows have come home to roost.  AgencySpy and other media outlets are reporting that the “Dell built agency” Enfatico has been folded into WPP’s Y&R.  We all knew that Enfatico was doomed from the start.  While it is common to have a dedicated team and department focused on one account, it’s a stupid move to have an entire Agency built around a client especially considering how often account reviews are done these days.  WPP overall seems to be suffering:

Meanwhile, WPP as a whole is struggling. JWT recently closed its Chicago shop. In the UK, Publicis beat out a team from WPP for Visa’s 2012 Olympic business. Y&R Chicago just lost the Miller Genuine Draft account to the New York office of Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchi. And WPP’s Mindshare is defending the $250M Wrigley account any day now.

Good luck to those getting laid off, it’s a bad time to be unemployed.

I guess Enfatico got their shit knocked down!

The hammer fell really hard this time eh fellas!?

BS’er of the Year: Peter Arnell

Yes it’s that time again.  Agency BS is proud to present this years bullshitter of the Year…



So various media outlet’s report that Peter Arnell, founder and chief creative officer of Arnell Group, a PR firm that’s a wholly owned subsidiary of PR megacorp Omnicom, has once again showed the world that he’s a goochtwad, and seriously needs to retire.  FOREVER.  Nevermind that he was voted as one of the worst bosses ever, and royally fucked up the Pepsi brand (regardless of the “brilliant” write up justifying it), now he’s done it with Tropicana. This guy is one crazy mofo and certainly a piece of work.  He belongs more in an insane asylum than making millions off of other people’s hard work.


According to Information Resources Inc., unit sales dro

pped 20%, while dollar sales decreased 19%, or roughly $33 million, to $137 million between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22. Moreover, several of Tropicana’s competitors appear to have benefited from the misstep, notably Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural and Tree Ripe. Varieties within each of those brands posted double-digit unit sales increases during the period. Private-label products also saw an increase during the period, in keeping with broader trends in the food and beverage space.

You can watch his own words on defending the Tropicana rebrand but he clearly stumbles and doesn’t have anything really concrete to say. Anyone can tell that the other branding was much more effective, it stands out on the shelves, and you can see if it’s NO PULP (i always hated pulp)  right there front and center. This guy is the poster boy for FAILURE and BS.

Purchase Brothers: Escape from City 17

This is what i call GOOD SHIT.  Goes to show that good, inexpensive, creative work can be done if you have the right people, and right tools.  These guys really show it can be done on a budget of $500, no time, no script, no crew.  Poor guys need some more firepower though.  Rock up with a M4 or AK at least.  This is based off of Valve’s hit PC game, Half-Life.  ROCK on guys, we dig it!

BS of the Month Award: Bud.TV

Periodically i like to give out the BS of the Month Award, particularly to those that i think really earned it.  This time, it’s…you guessed it:  the recent Bud.TV exit!  Yep, those self congradulatory gooch twads who just didn’t know what the fuck they were doing finally buried the dead and rotting horse.  I mean COME ON, everyone know you guys were doing the wrong thing but locking down distribution…i mean hellooooo “YouTube” anyone?  Did you really think that people would flock to Bud.TV for branded content when a quick click on YouTube solves everything?  Horrendous UI work. $15-$30 MILLION on this?! !@#$#!$%(!U!#@$ for those unemployed, and the small iShops doing good work out there for little, talk about a shot to the balls.  I could have done better with a couple of horny mad gnomes in santa suits for that kind of money.

Oh what’s even MORE classic is the exit interview where you have the various big wigs trying smooth over their colossal fuck up by babbling on and on about stupid self congradulatory BS.  Makes you want to woof cookies, really.  The fact of the matter is, they didn’t do their homework – didn’t pay attention to good design and UI, and choose not to fix it thinking that “their way was the right way” regardless of what people were saying.  Combine all those factors, technical fuck ups, and a lack of distribution models and you have a horse that’s dead right out of the gate.  Any interactive pro could have told you that…then again at these BDA’s the “interactive CD’s” typically amount to a has been print dude that’s wayyy past his prime but made a Christmas card in PS last year. ROFL.

I don’t know if it’s smart to launch Adidas.TV in the wake of this crap Bud.TV has done but we’ll see.  Adidas promises that they’re going to “do things differently”, where have we heard that before?  At least Nike/Adidas brands have better commercials…

I think AgencySpy’s picture summed it up for me just perfectly:

Bud.TV RIP! (not)

Nike/Dick’s Sporting Goods: Rollins

Sometimes performance means pain.


I love pretty much everything these guys put out.  They always manage to keep things interesting, funny, and so right on Nike.  This latest spot is a bit basic in its humor but it’s quick to the punchline and delivers exactly what the product calls for.  These type of ads are what viral spots are all about – Adidas take note!

New Logos, Same old S*it

Does it seem like companies will do anything these days to get on the news?  Pepsi and now Kraft have done logo redesigns.  I don’t know why rebranding a company seems to be the end all for these companies, it’s not as if people will suddenly be like “OHHH wow this company is amazing now!”  When will companies invest their millions into making their products and advertising better?  Also, it should be noted that Kraft will only be using their new logo for corproate communications not across their product packaging…which begs the question, “WHY THE HELL NOT?”  If you’re going to do a rebrand have it go across all your packaging, everything.  There’s absolutely no point to change the logo so you have something that looks better on your corporate stationary.  It fragments the brand and confuses the consumers.  Anyone else think that the Pepsi logo looks like a smiley face about to gulp down some drink?  And the logo looks dated and old…vintage…certainly does not match the “hip new generation cola” that Pepsi is supposed to be.  BUT HEY, i’ll still drink Mt. Dew…that shit is fantastic – and i have plenty of spare sperm to pass around.

New Pepsi Can

Drink PepsiMAX And Kill Yourself

Now i’m all for progressive and liberal creativity.  I’m all for pushing the boundaries of creativity…but seriously guys:  PepsiMAX + suicide just isn’t a good mix.  The rational that BBDO Dusseldorf is saying that since PepsiMAX has only 1 calorie…and it’s lonely, it commits suicide.  What a bunch of gooch twads!  First off not everyone that is lonely, or even has a little spat of depression during these dark, winter months…will go off and kill themselves.  Secondly, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOOCH TWADS THINKING? Crazy fucking Germans…i’ll say.

Guys, it’s not creative, it’s not cool, and really has very little application to the PepsiMAX brand.  Do you really want consumers to remember PepsiMAX as the drink that makes you go slice your wrist with a rusty razorblade?  I think someone in the creative department forgot to take their meds.