DraftFCB Who?

Following the buzz on the ad blogosphere about the AdAge article on DraftFCB and it’s (woooo big surprise) relative tanking after the merger two years ago.  AgencyBS takes a moment to chime in:


Look folks, it ain’t QUANTITY, it’s QUALITY.  Winning a bunch of sub-branch-division-of type accounts isn’t impressing anyone.  When some of your best brands are through your Puerto Rico branch, something’s not right.  FCB seriously needs to take a clue from the smaller guys that “speak softly, and carry a big stick.”  These guys must be the world’s worst poker players because they continously bluff, and when you call them, they got NOTHING OF WORTH to show.  Yes, we think the majority of the creative awards out there are just big circle jerks with ECD’s that think their shit don’t stink.  STILL, at least it shows you’re doing something.  The rest of us creatives aren’t dumb (well most of us anyways), and for those (like us) who have worked at DraftFCB and got out of there as quickly as possible, know that the place is a shithole.

They haven’t done much of anything, and the accounts they have aren’t that impressive.  Sure Taco Bell has been in bed with them forever (and should it ever close – bye bye Irvine office), but what else?  The bankrupt Merryl Lynch?  DirecTV?  They pale in compared to their losses of Applebee’s, John Deere, Mars, and Verizon.  I mean those four accounts ALONE are more than enough to staff a good sized agency.  So why keep the small fish, and let the big ones go?  Even if you have a lot of small fish…they’re still fucking small.  Instead of spreading your creative resources among a bunch of splintered brands, why not consolidate and do good shit on the handful of big accounts you have?  It’s so simple, even a Draftman could do it.


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