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Audi: Syncronized

Saw this latest Audi commercial.  I have to say it’s quite well done, good job folks looks like you paid attention to the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics eh?  Couldn’t imagine having to coordinate all those people though.


Client: Audi
Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative: Guido Heffels,
Nico Ronacher,
Tim Schneider,
Till Eckel
Production Company: tempomedia/Stink, Berlin
Executive Producer: Vera Portz,
Nils Schwemer,
Boo Wong
Director: Psyop
Producer: Jen Glabus
3D Lead: Florian Witzel
Flame Lead: Jamie Scott
Flame Artist: Chris Staves
Lead Compositor: Doug Purver
Designer: Anh Vu
Editor: Graham Brennan,
Cass Vanini
Music/Sound Design: Q-Department,
Drazen Bosnjak


Ad Agency Sex Tape = FAIL.

A few of you were wondering why we hadn’t covered the Agency Sex tape that has taken the ad (and ad blog) world by storm.  The reason is pretty simple.  We don’t want to waste our time covering some everyday occurence, and for those that actually WORK in the ad world you know what i’m talking about.  With that said:

  • did we find out for sure where/which agency this is?
  • was the girl passed out?
  • why would you have sex at 5PM in the office?  who does this?

Agency BS Coins the word…..?

George Parker over at the rank but delicious blog, AdScam, is known for his “douchenozzle” word.  I think it’s about time we got some of that action.  So what do you think?  We put our creative minds together and came up with our favorites:

Sound off bitches!

  • donkeypunch
  • jizzface
  • fucktard
  • monkeyballs
  • fuckface