Agency BS Coins the word…..?

George Parker over at the rank but delicious blog, AdScam, is known for his “douchenozzle” word.  I think it’s about time we got some of that action.  So what do you think?  We put our creative minds together and came up with our favorites:

Sound off bitches!

  • donkeypunch
  • jizzface
  • fucktard
  • monkeyballs
  • fuckface

2 comments so far

  1. George Parker on

    I like “fuckface” and “jizzface” But why not go one better and comine the two to create “jizzfuckface” Although, that’s too long. How about JIZZFUCK ? That has a certain ring to it. By the way… I also own fucktard. So, strike that. Otherwise you’re doing a good job.

  2. […] under: General BS | Tags: agency bs | So a few days ago we batted around the idea to have our own unique word.  We had a few good ideas but with a sudden flash of creativity (oh you know it!) we came up with […]

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