Drink PepsiMAX And Kill Yourself

Now i’m all for progressive and liberal creativity.  I’m all for pushing the boundaries of creativity…but seriously guys:  PepsiMAX + suicide just isn’t a good mix.  The rational that BBDO Dusseldorf is saying that since PepsiMAX has only 1 calorie…and it’s lonely, it commits suicide.  What a bunch of gooch twads!  First off not everyone that is lonely, or even has a little spat of depression during these dark, winter months…will go off and kill themselves.  Secondly, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOOCH TWADS THINKING? Crazy fucking Germans…i’ll say.

Guys, it’s not creative, it’s not cool, and really has very little application to the PepsiMAX brand.  Do you really want consumers to remember PepsiMAX as the drink that makes you go slice your wrist with a rusty razorblade?  I think someone in the creative department forgot to take their meds.


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