New Logos, Same old S*it

Does it seem like companies will do anything these days to get on the news?  Pepsi and now Kraft have done logo redesigns.  I don’t know why rebranding a company seems to be the end all for these companies, it’s not as if people will suddenly be like “OHHH wow this company is amazing now!”  When will companies invest their millions into making their products and advertising better?  Also, it should be noted that Kraft will only be using their new logo for corproate communications not across their product packaging…which begs the question, “WHY THE HELL NOT?”  If you’re going to do a rebrand have it go across all your packaging, everything.  There’s absolutely no point to change the logo so you have something that looks better on your corporate stationary.  It fragments the brand and confuses the consumers.  Anyone else think that the Pepsi logo looks like a smiley face about to gulp down some drink?  And the logo looks dated and old…vintage…certainly does not match the “hip new generation cola” that Pepsi is supposed to be.  BUT HEY, i’ll still drink Mt. Dew…that shit is fantastic – and i have plenty of spare sperm to pass around.

New Pepsi Can


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  1. daren on

    hey, i love pepsi and the only reason i started drinking it was because of the logo. i use to only drink coke untill the new label came out.

  2. Alvin Johnson on

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