BS’er of the Year: Peter Arnell

Yes it’s that time again.  Agency BS is proud to present this years bullshitter of the Year…



So various media outlet’s report that Peter Arnell, founder and chief creative officer of Arnell Group, a PR firm that’s a wholly owned subsidiary of PR megacorp Omnicom, has once again showed the world that he’s a goochtwad, and seriously needs to retire.  FOREVER.  Nevermind that he was voted as one of the worst bosses ever, and royally fucked up the Pepsi brand (regardless of the “brilliant” write up justifying it), now he’s done it with Tropicana. This guy is one crazy mofo and certainly a piece of work.  He belongs more in an insane asylum than making millions off of other people’s hard work.


According to Information Resources Inc., unit sales dro

pped 20%, while dollar sales decreased 19%, or roughly $33 million, to $137 million between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22. Moreover, several of Tropicana’s competitors appear to have benefited from the misstep, notably Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural and Tree Ripe. Varieties within each of those brands posted double-digit unit sales increases during the period. Private-label products also saw an increase during the period, in keeping with broader trends in the food and beverage space.

You can watch his own words on defending the Tropicana rebrand but he clearly stumbles and doesn’t have anything really concrete to say. Anyone can tell that the other branding was much more effective, it stands out on the shelves, and you can see if it’s NO PULP (i always hated pulp)  right there front and center. This guy is the poster boy for FAILURE and BS.


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  1. Andy Webb on

    Fine commentary.

    The previous Tropicana package, with its straw in the orange, said “fresh juice” in as crisp, compact and immediate a way as you can get. The new one — bland and indistinct.

    I suppose the good news for the rest of us in the ad industry is “yes, advertising does actually work; people do pay attention.” The sharp drop in Tropicana revenue just from a packaging change proves it quite well.

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