Enfatico Folds in WPP!

Finally finally finally!  I guess you could really say the crows have come home to roost.  AgencySpy and other media outlets are reporting that the “Dell built agency” Enfatico has been folded into WPP’s Y&R.  We all knew that Enfatico was doomed from the start.  While it is common to have a dedicated team and department focused on one account, it’s a stupid move to have an entire Agency built around a client especially considering how often account reviews are done these days.  WPP overall seems to be suffering:

Meanwhile, WPP as a whole is struggling. JWT recently closed its Chicago shop. In the UK, Publicis beat out a team from WPP for Visa’s 2012 Olympic business. Y&R Chicago just lost the Miller Genuine Draft account to the New York office of Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchi. And WPP’s Mindshare is defending the $250M Wrigley account any day now.

Good luck to those getting laid off, it’s a bad time to be unemployed.

I guess Enfatico got their shit knocked down!

The hammer fell really hard this time eh fellas!?


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