IPG Execs say “FUCK YOU” to recession and shareholders alike

Today AdWeek reports that IPG Execs enjoyed a 2008 pay hike of substantional amounts.

Interpublic Group CEO Michael Roth (pictured) received $10.84 million in compensation in 2008, including a 17.7 percent hike in his base salary to $1.3 million.

Roth’s total compensation, which includes stock, bonus and perquisites, rose 21 percent over the previous year, according to information in IPG’s newly filed proxy for the company’s annual meeting.

The second-highest paid executive at the company is John Dooner, CEO of McCann Worldgroup (and former IPG CEO), who was given $5.21 million in total compensation, including a base salary of $1.28 million, unchanged from 2007. In the year-earlier period, Dooner received $5.87 million in compensation.

The comments sure are fiery and rightfully so.  My question to them is will they do anything about it?  Sure execs ripping off the shareholders is nothing new, but in this economy it tends to sting more than usual.




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