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So there’s this industry called “Advertising” maybe some of you have heard of it. It’s widely regarded with emotions of suspicion, skepticism, hate, love, sarcasm, disdain, relish, optimism, pessimism, and so on and so forth. REGARDLESS, AgencyBS was created out of those emotions as a breeding ground to vent, inform, rant, rave, discuss, comment, and so on and so forth.

Be forewarned that this blog is neither for the weak of heart nor for those that are seeking true impartiality or objectivity – if such a thing even exists. However our motive is just and methods oh so slightly repulsive, but all done from us to you.

With what many have called the slow demise of AgencySpy following their alleged “unwise” decision to move to Mediabistro (still don’t get the reasoning behind that btw), we here at AgencyBS fully welcome your comments, and tips (as always anonymous) on the goings on in the industry whatever it may be. All we ask is that it be somewhat reputable, and that we’d like to keep most of the gossip “what nobody banged that other nobody last Friday” off the boards…unless of course it’s a somebody. No offense AgencySpy we still love ya (hell we’re probably a top poster on there), but we want to give the naysayers another option.

So without further ado…


As always we welcome your juicy agency tips, info, comments, and happenings at all times. Please send to agencybs AT gmail DOT com


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  1. agencybs on

    Yeah we realize that we’re lacking content. We’re working hard to fill it up so please be patient. We’ll also be going back and writing up comments on some older articles to help. But as George Parker pointed out, the great thing about AgencySpy (and hopefully this blog) is the juicy insider info, NOT the articles which anyone can read by going to AdAge or AdWeek. We’ll try our best to keep things edgy, but we NEED YOUR HELP to do it, so send in those emails, OR else you’ll have to keep reading old ejaculated content…and no one likes that.

  2. George Parker on

    If you’re going to do this, get it right. First thing is ALWAYS check your facts. For example…
    AgencySpy didn’t move to MediaBistro, it was always part of MediaBistro. “C” was hired by them to launch it.
    CP+B losing Nike is not a rare example of when they have fallen on their arse, they are doing it at an ever increasing rate… Remember zombie redenbacher. the awful Miller “man Laws” the dreadful Hagar “dogshit” spot, the VW “Mad German Scientist” campaign.
    Anyway… Best of luck to you…
    “Stay thirsty, my friends!”

  3. agencybs on

    Hey George, you found us! Thanks for stopping by! What i meant by “moved” is that they were on WordPress and than went (moved) to MediaBistro’s platform for their blog.

    Well i use the term “rare” when stacked up against other Account win/losses. Now before you accuse me of sucking Bogusky cock, I AGREE CP+B have had their share of bad PROJECTS but rarely have they been “fired” account level (they “mutually parted ways” but we know they basically had a fight and Nike said fuck off). And even THEN, i think they do it less than the Fallon’s, McCann’s, Chiat’s and a whole shitload of others in the industry.

    Also the VW campaign where they showed the modded out ricer and than the VW came smashing down on top of it and the dude flashes a VW hand sign? I thought that was ridiculous enough to be funny. Hope that clarifies for ya buddy!

    Hope to see ya again!

    P.S. You didn’t have to register to comment did ya? I think i set the permissions right. 😛

  4. Dabitch on

    Welcome to the adblogging world. Hold on to your hat.

  5. Dabitch on

    PS – You should get that silly “image” plug in to remove default silhouette image of un-registered users so that we can have fancy pretty colorful pictures too – or get rid of the picture all together.

    Nobody likes images that they can’t control. The whole point of a user picture is that the user gets to define it. Else do without.

    just my 2cents.

  6. agencybs on


    First of all, thanks for checking us out!

    I checked on the default image thing in the settings and yeah if you’re not registered you can’t upload your own Avatar since there’s no user profile DB to remember who you are. I’ll surf around and see what i can find, if you want to toss me a link that’d be great as well.

    Do without? Oh noes! But i like my Avatar…I think of it as a small, tiny, reward for going through the hassle of registering. >.<

    agencybs AT gmail DOT COM

  7. Dabitch on

    You could try wavatars: http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=1462

    Gravatar (I’m registered here so you’d actually see my face! wee!)
    (howto: http://www.johntp.com/2007/03/01/wordpress-plugin-myavatars/ )

    Or comvatars

    “Everyone” seem to be using something that assigns random geometric pattersn to people at the moment, which I assume means “dead easy to install”, but then it also means “looks like everyone else”. You might not want to do that.

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