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Simpsons Mock Apple

Ahhh yes, it’s been a long time coming…they devoted significant “Simpsons MOCK time” for this too! Weeeee!  Even as a fellow Apple fan, i thought this was pretty hilarious – and you know good ole Stevie did too!


Avenue A Gets Dumped

Who was waiting for this? *snicker*

AdWeak reports:

Four years after combining media shop Avenue A with Web design agency Razorfish, Avenue A/Razorfish has decided to be known as Razorfish.

The Seattle-based shop painted the name change as an acknowledgement that Razorfish enjoys a stronger brand reputation than Avenue A.

The name was fucking too long.  I mean the email addresses are even AA-RF or something. Well, at least they recognize that Razorfish is a much cooler name – even though no one really knows what a Razorfish is, and they don’t have anything to indicate that in their logo or whatever.  Still – it sounds badass, and i’m still amazed they’ve managed to stay relatively independent all this time.