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CP+B Goes Whopper Cherry Bustin’

Yes you heard right.  CP+B decided to save some money and not pay their CD’s so much and hence went back to the recycling bin.  In “Whopper Freakout” style, they are going across the world to capture on film, the reactions of people who are tasting a Whopper for the first time ever.

While this is definitely a reused idea, and we could sit here and blast CP+B for it…i’m intrigued.  I actually do want to see people’s reactions.  I’m not quite sure about the whole “unbiased, unbelievable,” crap that they’re touting on the teaser website.  I mean really, are they going to show the person that chooses a Big Mac over the Whopper?  I think that will be conveniently “cut” and “edited” don’t you think?  I guess it would give more credibilty if they shot it live and streamed it online.

Is it just me or does the BK guy look like a chubby Toby Maguire (Spiderman)?



CP+B Loses Nike

So it’s pretty rare that we see CP+B fall on their ass, but i guess you could say when it happens it happens BIG. The cat’s out of the bag and sources have reported that Nike and Crispin Porter + Bogusky have parted ways after only 13 months under unknown specific circumstances but probably something to do with disagreeing on the creative direction.

I mean isn’t it typically so? I’m willing to bet this half eaten candy bar that basically how it went down is that CP+B came up with these wild and crazy (yet probably pretty kickass) creative ideas that Nike didn’t want to do. Nike probably felt it compromised the brand integrity and when push came to shove neither backed down. This is how it works folks. I mean in all fairness though, CP+B is just not the type of agency to handle Nike…it’s just not their thang. Nike has such a “set” brand (and this can be good or bad) but ultimately they just won’t go for rocking the boat, and CP+B is known for that. Ah well. Wieden better have partied their fucking ass off.