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Well, a lot of shit happened but we won’t get into that cuz it’s smelly, and nasty – although not all poo is created equal mind you.  Anyways, the blog is being fired up again and you’ll be sure to see more of our regurgitated news and crap since no one e-mails us the juicy shit.  Guess we’re not AgencySpy caliber yet.  YET.

All Packets Are Not Created Equal?

So apparently AgencySpy isn’t the only ones having people grumble about Net Neutrality.  Ok maybe we exaggerate but this whole discussion about treating internet traffic the same regardless of what it is – is pretty hotly debated up on Capitol Hill.  The nay-sayers feel that if the big cable and communications companies can filter and know the “kinds” of traffic going on, they will use that information to give themselves a leg up.  Should internet traffic be treated equal and people’s concerns about staying anonymous on the Net be allowed?  What about kiddy-porn?  Where do we draw the line?

We respect your privacy, no registration needed so type away!

WTF? McDonalds Rethinks Dollar Menu?

AdAge is running an article talking about how rising costs of food, and utilities is hurting the bottom line of many franchises so they’re starting to push back against McDonalds Corp.

“By offering the dollar-menu products that were being offered nationally, our average check went down because customers were trading down to the more attractive prices, but we were not attracting enough new customers to make up the difference,” he said.

I think that while Franchises should be having these discussions and when necessary pushing back on the Corp HQ on bad decisions, pulling the plug on the Dollar Menu is ultimately bad for the brand.  First off it was the Dollar Menu that largely pulled Micky D’s out of gutter some years ago, and it’s what continues to make the business stand out as a forerunner.  Now every place you go whether it’s Burger King, etc…they all have some kind of “Dollar Menu” now.  I think the Franchises are being hit by the economy woes and are looking for an escape.  They’re thinking short term.

Ultimately however, getting rid of the Dollar Menu will upset an intricate balance between McDonalds and all the other options.  I’m willing to bet there will be considerable push back from consumers.  The Franchises should look at alternatives such as reducing items on the Dollar Menu or the main menu maybe, or reducing advertising, just for a limited time (and then bring back later) since they do that a lot with items such as the McRib.  For example, how many fucking chicken sandwiches can you have?  In the rest of the world you have to pay a little for extra condiments, what about that?  I think there’s plenty of things that Franchises can do to reduce their overhead, i just think they’re looking for a quick out.  Use your brains fuckheads, and try not to piss off the all the consumers – Burger King already has a better brand than you.

Jihad for Donuts?

Already an ad put out by agency Studiocom has tongues wagging and bloggers…well blogging. Why? Because some conservative whistle blowers are crying foul that the SCARF worn by the spokes person, Rachel Ray, happens to bare some resemblance to an Arab keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab (or more specifically Palestinian) men. And of course because a small minority of Arab (Muslim) men are part of radical Islam, it’s being seen as a “Jihadist symbol” by conservative morons like Michelle Malkin.

Seriously, wow. Generalize much? First of all let’s not make all the Arab keffiyeh wearing men in the world Islamic terrorists since wearing a keffiyeh in the Middle East is pretty much as common as wearing a baseball hat here. In fact, should we now call all baseball hats gang accessories because some gangs are wearing them? It’s people like Michelle that make me fear for our future.

The Idiots of Gary’s Mod

Ahhh the pointless time wasting crap we find. I say this but i actually sat through and watched all of the 22 minutes of the video. Anyways, it gave me a few chuckles – their soundboard is pretty good. Reminds me of a bit like the videos done by the Rooster Teeth fella’s only more random.

SuperSpy Calls It Quits

The ever prevalent SuperSpy over at the Adblog, AgencySpy, is calling it quits. I’m assuming AgencySpy won’t go down as there are other writers there…but it hasn’t been made clear what the new direction for the blog will be. Nonetheless, my hats off to her for making inroads into educating and spreading Ad Agency knowledge to the plethora of sorry fools (me included) that have decided to work in this industry.

In the words of Garrison Keillor, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

Starbucks Nipple Frenzy


AdAge has chimed in now about the whole Starbucks logo redesign and we thought we would chime in…


I mean for shit fucking’s sake, we certainly are a country recessing into an age of pointless conservatism aren’t we? What is with America and their utter misguided ideas involving the human body, and sexuality? Is it the Christians? I mean i’m always down for a bit o’ fun bashing the fundamentalists but it seems this extends to your normal run-of-the-mill Protestant Christan. It’s absolutely rediculous. First of all, Starbucks is paying homage to their original logo, the very roots of their brand that launched this rediculously overpriced and not very good coffee giant. It’s not like they’re creating this just now, this WAS their original logo. I find it hilarious that while in places like Europe they heavily sensor violence and openly show (clean) nudity, like in shampoo commercials, in America we’re the other way around. It seems so..backwards.

NEVERmind the fact that if you really want to bitch about Starbucks how about their murky fair trade policies, labor relations, hostile monopolization and globalization practices, the Ethos controversy, and much more?!

The Creativity Awards Gala (Boozefest)

On Tuesday, Creativity had their own little awards thing and some of the people that you-wish-you-were- friends-with, and some of those you’re-glad-you-aren’t showed up in full bloom. Were we there? Were we not? I’ll leave it to your imagination. Fortunately, Creativity knew how to throw a party. They said it best in their own words:

“So in the spirit of consistency here’s a summary of the magical night’s events: Booze. Laughing. Talking. Booze. Awards. Smiling. Booze. Laughing. Talking. Booze. Fun.”

DAMN skippy. That’s how you do a fucking party. If everyone’s drunk off mother lovin’ minds, who really gives a flying fuck what piece of metal you’re holding in your hand right? I mean everyone KNOWS who the players are at the ballgame…But seriously, most of these things are jokes. Kudo’s to Creativity for not being one. Yet. Did any juicy gossip get passed around through half slurred sentences? You tell us.

See more of the fun fest.