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Digital Catfight

An “anonymous” article posted on AgencySpy about the Digital Agencies that are doing things RIGHT have the various bigwigs of the Digital industry up in arms with their veritable panties in a bunch.  I don’t know why Matt even posted the article (maybe to incite this entertaining albeit immature mudslinging fest) since the actual article itself is clueless and total shit.  AdFreak recaps it nicely:

…things took an interesting turn when Craig Elimeliah of Freedom and Partners lambasted Firstborn Interactive as being on the decline. That didn’t sit well with Michael Ferdman, Elimeliah’s former boss at Firstborn. He promised to take the gloves off, and boy did he ever. “Maybe as your boss says you should stop ‘jerking off’ and actually get down to some work,” Ferdman wrote. “Speaking of work … do you ever actually work or just blog, tweet and pretend to be important all day?” Ouch. Elimeliah answers back, and his new boss (Mark Ferdman) joins in, along with cameos by Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz and Barbarian Group COO Rick Webb.

Either way it’s obvious there’s a lot of drama and bitter animosity over the splintering of Firstborn and consequenctly the making of Freedom + Partners.  It would be interesting to hear the real story from both sides.  (Guys feel free to contact me on this!)  Certainly something drastic must have happened for cousins to split and become competitors.  Also, with the exit of several high ranked people within Firstborn that jumped ship for Freedom + Partners there must have been something they were not happy with about Firstborn…or maybe it was just higher pay, wanting to be part of a new developing shop?  Who knows, but let us know!  As always, email your juicy tips and info to



Purchase Brothers: Escape from City 17

This is what i call GOOD SHIT.  Goes to show that good, inexpensive, creative work can be done if you have the right people, and right tools.  These guys really show it can be done on a budget of $500, no time, no script, no crew.  Poor guys need some more firepower though.  Rock up with a M4 or AK at least.  This is based off of Valve’s hit PC game, Half-Life.  ROCK on guys, we dig it!

Nike/Dick’s Sporting Goods: Rollins

Sometimes performance means pain.

I love pretty much everything these guys put out.  They always manage to keep things interesting, funny, and so right on Nike.  This latest spot is a bit basic in its humor but it’s quick to the punchline and delivers exactly what the product calls for.  These type of ads are what viral spots are all about – Adidas take note!

Bruce Lee says – Viral iz noh dead! Heeeyaaahhh!


Client: Nokia

Bruce Lee (he’s da man!) and Nokia shows us that the almighty viral is definitely NOT dead.  Great job, too bad Nokia is going to pull out of Japan.

WWDC 2008 – GodJobs Decends!

It’s finally official. Apple and Steve Jobs have announced at their annual WWDC that the new iPhone hits stores July 11th for an affordable $199.

What it gots in a nutshell:

  • 3G
  • Mobile ME (no relation to that horrific Windows ME platform)
  • 3rd Party Applications
  • GPS
  • Enterprise Support
  • Replaces metal back with black or white

No word on:

  • cut & paste
  • MMS
  • Bluetooth keyboard/external drive
  • Flash player
  • Video camera
  • landscape orientated keyboard

At the risk of being labeled an Apple fanboy – i am pretty excited about the 3rd party applications, the Exchange support, as well as the Enterprise..and of course the 3G is a given. I think this what most of the business world is really waiting for. They probably have an iPhone already, just for personal use while they use the Blackberry for business. This could all be integrated if Apple truly delivers. Is this the beginning of the end for Blackberry, Palm, or *gasp* Windows Mobile? Or has the death tolls already rung?

Engadget has the full minute by minute updates. Go read and drool.

Honda’s ASIMO Directs Symphony

Honda’s ASIMO conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as it performs “Impossible Dream” to open a concert performance featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma on May 13th, 2008 to help inspire young students to consider studies in math and science.

This is pretty sweet, i’ve seen other robotic stuff but i think Honda is doing some really neat things. The robot is conducting the right cues in 3/4 and is even providing accurate downbeats accompanied by the nod of the head which shows someone’s been studying conductors when they programmed this into the ASIMO…i’m assuming it’s directly programmed in for this showing but i could be wrong and the robot could be intuitively picking out this head nod function among a library of motions understanding that it should be paired with this type of function…or is that giving too much credit to the technology? Either way, i think (irony of the name – see Isaac Asimov) aside, Honda’s showing us they’re more than just cars. Not only that but this kind of viral video is indirectly increasing brand awareness, or in Honda’s case (everyone knows Honda the brand already), positive brand recognition. Something that perhaps other car makers should be paying attention to.

Tele2: Don’t be a cheap caller

Client: Tele2
Agency: SMFB, Oslo
Production Company: ACNE
Director: ACNE

I know every one of you has been sitting in a public restroom dropping a deuce and you see these numbers, “For a good time call…”, etc, scrawled and scratched on the walls or stall. In this commercial Tele2 does a great job of acting on everyone’s innate desire and curiousness to call those numbers, but never did. NEVERMIND that the realistic premise of having someone lying in wait in one of the stalls to come in and anally violate you is really fucking wrong and disturbing…*82 FTW!

By the way…since we’re creatives we’re going to be talking about this kinda shit on here, and you’ll see a lot of international stuff too.  Why?  Because we feel that some of the coolest, and most creative shit is NOT in the US.  We’re too uptight, conservative, and retarded on that stuff.