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Ground Zero Names ECD

DESPITE the unfortunate name of their agency, that their web site looks like they made it in PPT first, that they didn’t even make their own website (and that the people who did named themselves after a state)…despite ALL this, there’s something about these cats that we like. Don’t ask what, but there’s something.

Anyways it appears the agency is moving in the right direction in hiring creative vet Curt Detweiler as partner and ECD. Curt Detweiler served as a CD on the Nissan business (fuck, who hasn’t?) at the shop’s Playa del Rey, Calif., office before moving to TBWA\C\D in New York to work on Mars. (He’s also served at agency outposts in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore, where he worked on Nissan, Sony, Mars, Chivas, Haagen Dazs and Gatorade, among others.)

Now normally we don’t do these “who got hired where”, especially since CD’s change partners more than Polly Shore in a gay pride parade, but when you’re wearing such a bad ass T-shirt and looking like you’re about ready to go rumble in the Bronx…we jes gotta!