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Get Your Cookie On

AdAge reports,

Kellogg is resurrecting the 100-year-old Hydrox cookie in response to a consumer campaign that involved more than 1,300 phone calls, 1,000 petition signatures and “countless online message board postings.”

The cookies were pulled in 2003 because it couldn’t compete with Nabisco’s Oreo’s. Wow no shit. I wonder if that had anything to do with the lame-ass NAME? Hydrox cookies? That sounds like some kind of druggie code word. Can you imagine some piss stained grizzled guys…
…huddled in some dark alleyway whispering if you “gotz eny of dem Hydrox cookies”? (We know you love that shit GP)

Anyways the word is that the people spoke and Kellogg listened. They’re re-introducing or rather bringing them back for what will most likely be a short but sweet (pardon the pun) HURRAH just in time for the Commemoration of the brands anniversary, before shoving them back into the dark hole where all discarded products go. Kellogg’s creative agency, Leo Burnett has also signed on to help support this initiative. They’ve launched a website, where users can post stories and memories about their time with the Hydrox cookies…kinky.