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T.A.G. Shows the Good Shit

There are times (well lot’s of times) where big agencies try to spin off smaller “nimbler” agencies that are dubbed “interactive” or “digital” in a desperate attempt to get a spot on the digital/interactive bandwagen. More often than not these fail miserably *cough* Tequila…however, there are those rare times when it seems to be going well and things fall into place.

Such a rarity is T.A.G. spawned out of the hellfires of the McCann Erikson SF agency, T.A.G. was created as a way of keeping key Microsoft creatives Duchon and Edwards — not to mention the client — happy and micro-focused on the all-important Xbox and Zune assignments.

“I don’t know a lot of other agency cultures,” says Duchon, who moved through Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, JWT in New York and TBWA\C\D, San Francisco. “But T.A.G. is all based on being open to a lot of people and having strategy and creative as the driving forces. There’s so much work to go around, there’s no animosity or grabbing on to things. A lot of people have contributed to the work.”

Blah blah blah, yes yes…you’re oh so unique and have a culture above everyone else.

Anyways. Certainly the work deserves the awards that’s it been getting, and boy has it snapped up a lot. The recent TV commercials have also done a great job at expanding the campaign, albeit a bit late