CP+B Goes Whopper Cherry Bustin’

Yes you heard right.  CP+B decided to save some money and not pay their CD’s so much and hence went back to the recycling bin.  In “Whopper Freakout” style, they are going across the world to capture on film, the reactions of people who are tasting a Whopper for the first time ever.

While this is definitely a reused idea, and we could sit here and blast CP+B for it…i’m intrigued.  I actually do want to see people’s reactions.  I’m not quite sure about the whole “unbiased, unbelievable,” crap that they’re touting on the teaser website.  I mean really, are they going to show the person that chooses a Big Mac over the Whopper?  I think that will be conveniently “cut” and “edited” don’t you think?  I guess it would give more credibilty if they shot it live and streamed it online.

Is it just me or does the BK guy look like a chubby Toby Maguire (Spiderman)?



Simpsons Mock Apple

Ahhh yes, it’s been a long time coming…they devoted significant “Simpsons MOCK time” for this too! Weeeee!  Even as a fellow Apple fan, i thought this was pretty hilarious – and you know good ole Stevie did too!

TV Ads Get Boring?

You KNOW it’s getting bad when the gooch twads over at AdAge start bitching about the TV commercials.  They’re running a front page article about how redundant and blatent the TV commercials have gotten in terms of recycling old campaigns and running the same ads over and over.

Part of it is of course intentional.  The whole “any press is good press” schtick.  Meaning even if you piss off everyone or in the case of the Toyota “Zero Spot” campaign where people made a Facebook group petitioning AGAINST the TV ad…it’s still getting people talking about the ad.  In some twisted logic, it kinda makes sense.  On the other hand if you piss off everyone, they are just that less likely to pay attention to the next ad, it’s a double edged sword.

The other thing mentioned was that we should (and we are) seeing the trends of TV ads being bought for entire runs of shows.  The “Superbowl” model.  An interesting trend, i think as far as reaching a specific demographic this might bring more results – and campaigns could be targeted and created for that demographic.  Media buyers take notice because the standard model for media buys will have to change.  Don’t get caught with your pants down.  Of course they will need to innovate more than in the past.  If creatives can speak up and have the balls to go for more than the norm, maybe the suits will be more receptive.

Adidas: House Party…original get’s non-original?

The commercial is eye candy, the music is what MAKES it.  It’s also very “Sid Lee” like.  Although, it’s a bit ironic since the whole theme is originality…but the commercial itself isn’t very original..come on guys, the whole “retro” thing was played out a long time ago.  What else can you do with those millions they paid you?

Client: Adidas
Agency: Sid Lee
Creative Director: Kristian Manchester
Art Director: Laura Kim
Copywriter: Ron Wilfred Macdonald
Agency Producer: Claudia Roy
Production Company: Partizan,
Radke Film Group
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Executive Producer: Sheila Stepanek,
Miriana DiQuinzio
Producer: Steve Wheeler,
Albert Botha
Production Designer: Eric Beauchamp
Director of Photography: Christopher Probst
Editorial Company: Jimmy Lee,
Editor: Gary Knight
Telecine: Riot
Telecine Artist: Tom Poole
Post Production: Method
Music: Boogie Studio
Composer: Pilooski
Music Artist: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Song: Beggin

Bruce Lee says – Viral iz noh dead! Heeeyaaahhh!


Client: Nokia

Bruce Lee (he’s da man!) and Nokia shows us that the almighty viral is definitely NOT dead.  Great job, too bad Nokia is going to pull out of Japan.

Agency BS coins the word: GOOCH TWAD!

So a few days ago we batted around the idea to have our own unique word.  We had a few good ideas but with a sudden flash of creativity (oh you know it!) we came up with a new word that offers that subtle but gross jab at the psyche.  Without further ado we Agency BS coins:


If you don’t know what a “gooch” is – Google is your friend.

P.S.  Why the FUCK doesn’t this thing have a text size option?

Happy Turkey Day

For those in the US, give thanks for whatever you got and pray you still have it later.  I’m not a big turkey guy myself (meat tends to be a bit dry) but i will say a few cold slices of dark meat on a couple slabs of bread with some mayo, pickle, lettuce, tomato, and dijon mustard sounds great.  But yea, plenty of stuffing, mash potatoes and gravvy for me!



Audi: Syncronized

Saw this latest Audi commercial.  I have to say it’s quite well done, good job folks looks like you paid attention to the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics eh?  Couldn’t imagine having to coordinate all those people though.


Client: Audi
Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative: Guido Heffels,
Nico Ronacher,
Tim Schneider,
Till Eckel
Production Company: tempomedia/Stink, Berlin
Executive Producer: Vera Portz,
Nils Schwemer,
Boo Wong
Director: Psyop
Producer: Jen Glabus
3D Lead: Florian Witzel
Flame Lead: Jamie Scott
Flame Artist: Chris Staves
Lead Compositor: Doug Purver
Designer: Anh Vu
Editor: Graham Brennan,
Cass Vanini
Music/Sound Design: Q-Department,
Drazen Bosnjak

Ad Agency Sex Tape = FAIL.

A few of you were wondering why we hadn’t covered the Agency Sex tape that has taken the ad (and ad blog) world by storm.  The reason is pretty simple.  We don’t want to waste our time covering some everyday occurence, and for those that actually WORK in the ad world you know what i’m talking about.  With that said:

  • did we find out for sure where/which agency this is?
  • was the girl passed out?
  • why would you have sex at 5PM in the office?  who does this?

Agency BS Coins the word…..?

George Parker over at the rank but delicious blog, AdScam, is known for his “douchenozzle” word.  I think it’s about time we got some of that action.  So what do you think?  We put our creative minds together and came up with our favorites:

Sound off bitches!

  • donkeypunch
  • jizzface
  • fucktard
  • monkeyballs
  • fuckface