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Microsoft’s MASSIVE INC Nominated “BS’r” of the Year!

Now we pride ourselves on our love for BS…and because of that, our noses are keenly attuned to that lovely smell, stink, stench, of…yes you guessed it! BS!

But today we’re amazed (well not really) that we’ve been shown the ropes by Microsoft’s wholly owned subsidiary, Massive Inc.

Massive Inc, is a company that basically offers in-game advertising models.  They, along with  Interpret LLC, released a research report that basically lauds how awesome in-game advertising is and that users basically ate it all up.  So you have a company who’s sole purpose and bottom line is to push in-game advertising release research that applauds and reinforces Massive’s mission.

WHAT A LOAD OF BS.  I mean talk about professional grade, A-level BS.  Look, no gamer in their right fucking mind likes in-game advertising.  NO ONE.  The differentiating factor here is two things:

  1. Is the ad intrusive?
  2. Does it fit within the environment of the game?

I can tell you no gamer wants a big pop up to appear in the middle of a game, whether they’re doing a raid, or about to unload a clip of 5.56mm NATO rounds into a Taliban raghead.  Gamers are adamant and passionate about this.  Companies need to be VERY VERY careful introducing any mechanism that will disrupt the gameplay…since many games already have delicate balances in gameplay that was developed through millions of R&D money, developers and publishers need to be wary.

The only really tolerable form of advertising in-game is one that mimics real life instances.  When you’re button mashing on FIFA 2008, and Ronaldhino is at the edge of the box about to unleash hell, yes it’s fine he’s wearing Nike’s…or that the boards behind him tout Adidas messaging, or Gatorade…it’s expected because that’s what’s at a real game.  Same with Nascar, etc.  But this model is fairly limited because you need to match up the advertisers and what they’re selling to genre of game being played.  I don’t think companies that want to go after a different demographic really are going to settle for only a few ad options…this is why i think this is a fucking horrible idea, a biased research paper, and that’s why Microsoft and Massive are nominated BS’r of the Year.  Congrats, you’re more full of shit than we are.


WTF? McDonalds Rethinks Dollar Menu?

AdAge is running an article talking about how rising costs of food, and utilities is hurting the bottom line of many franchises so they’re starting to push back against McDonalds Corp.

“By offering the dollar-menu products that were being offered nationally, our average check went down because customers were trading down to the more attractive prices, but we were not attracting enough new customers to make up the difference,” he said.

I think that while Franchises should be having these discussions and when necessary pushing back on the Corp HQ on bad decisions, pulling the plug on the Dollar Menu is ultimately bad for the brand.  First off it was the Dollar Menu that largely pulled Micky D’s out of gutter some years ago, and it’s what continues to make the business stand out as a forerunner.  Now every place you go whether it’s Burger King, etc…they all have some kind of “Dollar Menu” now.  I think the Franchises are being hit by the economy woes and are looking for an escape.  They’re thinking short term.

Ultimately however, getting rid of the Dollar Menu will upset an intricate balance between McDonalds and all the other options.  I’m willing to bet there will be considerable push back from consumers.  The Franchises should look at alternatives such as reducing items on the Dollar Menu or the main menu maybe, or reducing advertising, just for a limited time (and then bring back later) since they do that a lot with items such as the McRib.  For example, how many fucking chicken sandwiches can you have?  In the rest of the world you have to pay a little for extra condiments, what about that?  I think there’s plenty of things that Franchises can do to reduce their overhead, i just think they’re looking for a quick out.  Use your brains fuckheads, and try not to piss off the all the consumers – Burger King already has a better brand than you.

Arnold, MPG Goes Cruisin to the Tune of $70M

Adweek reports that Havas units Arnold and MPG have won creative and media duties, respectively, on Carnival Cruise Lines’ estimated $70-80 million account after a review, confirmed Ark Advisors, the consultancy that managed the process. The other finalists were IPG units Deutsch and McCann Erickson, which pitched with sibling shop Universal McCann.

The account encompasses all marketing services duties, including traditional creative ads, interactive ads, direct marketing and media planning and buying.

The Boston offices of Arnold and MPG succeed Omnicom Group’s CooperDDB in Coral Gables, Fla., which handled traditional creative duties, media duties and some direct marketing duties, and Avenue A/Razorfish in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., which handles interactive duties. CooperDDB sister shop DDB defended on behalf of the incumbent but did not advance past the RFP stage.

Final presentations took place last week at Carnival’s headquarters in Miami, said sources. Each shop got three hours to present to about a half dozen executives, including Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill and evp of marketing Ruben Rodriguez.

Arnold’s team pitched first, on the morning of May 22, followed by McCann’s team on that afternoon and Deutsch on May 23, sources said. Account revenue is estimated at $10-12 million.

Won out against Deutsch and McCann, not bad.  Arnold has been relatively quiet so i wondered what they were up to.

Toys R Us Leaves the Hill

Reports that:

Toys R Us today said it would take the broadcast creative portion of its ad account in-house.

That work was awarded to Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos here one year ago following a review. The client spends $85 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

In a statement, the client said: “Toys R Us and Hill, Holliday have mutually agreed to end their agency-client relationship. Going forward, Toys R Us has decided to take advantage of its growing in-house creative and strategic resources to develop its broadcast advertising, but will continue to utilize outside strategic, creative and production resources on an as-needed basis.”

As far as I know, Hill Holliday done a decent job in keeping accounts i wonder what REALLY happened here. Certainly companies can build in-house creative departments but usually there’s an instigator for this, whether it’s quality control, tighter budget, etc. Anyone know? Drop us an email agencybs AT gmail DOT COM

Tele2: Don’t be a cheap caller

Client: Tele2
Agency: SMFB, Oslo
Production Company: ACNE
Director: ACNE

I know every one of you has been sitting in a public restroom dropping a deuce and you see these numbers, “For a good time call…”, etc, scrawled and scratched on the walls or stall. In this commercial Tele2 does a great job of acting on everyone’s innate desire and curiousness to call those numbers, but never did. NEVERMIND that the realistic premise of having someone lying in wait in one of the stalls to come in and anally violate you is really fucking wrong and disturbing…*82 FTW!

By the way…since we’re creatives we’re going to be talking about this kinda shit on here, and you’ll see a lot of international stuff too.  Why?  Because we feel that some of the coolest, and most creative shit is NOT in the US.  We’re too uptight, conservative, and retarded on that stuff.

Jihad for Donuts?

Already an ad put out by agency Studiocom has tongues wagging and bloggers…well blogging. Why? Because some conservative whistle blowers are crying foul that the SCARF worn by the spokes person, Rachel Ray, happens to bare some resemblance to an Arab keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab (or more specifically Palestinian) men. And of course because a small minority of Arab (Muslim) men are part of radical Islam, it’s being seen as a “Jihadist symbol” by conservative morons like Michelle Malkin.

Seriously, wow. Generalize much? First of all let’s not make all the Arab keffiyeh wearing men in the world Islamic terrorists since wearing a keffiyeh in the Middle East is pretty much as common as wearing a baseball hat here. In fact, should we now call all baseball hats gang accessories because some gangs are wearing them? It’s people like Michelle that make me fear for our future.

Cellular South Selects Y&R

-By Andrew McMains

NEW YORK Young & Rubicam here has landed creative duties on Cellular South, a regional telecommunications provider based in Jackson, Miss., the client confirmed today. Estimated billings are $30 million, per sources.

The WPP Group shop added the account without a review. Previously, Omnicom Group’s Martin/Williams in Minneapolis handled the business.

Media duties, also at M/W, are shifting to WPP’s Maxus here, according to the client.

“From a strategy standpoint, we do make changes from time to time. And, at this point, we felt [it was] best to make a change,” said a client representative.

Interactive duties remain at Huge, an independent in New York.

Cellular South, which describes itself as the largest privately-held wireless provider in the U.S., focuses primarily on four states in the Southeast: Mississippi, Tennessee and parts of Alabama and Florida.

Past major media spending on the brand has ranged between $5-10 million. Last year’s total was nearly $10 million, up from about $6 million in 2006, according to TNS Media Intelligence. This year’s spending, however, will increase “significantly,” according to the rep, though he declined to provide a specific figure.

Y&R, which referred calls the client, announced the win internally today via an e-mail from New York managing partner Shelley Diamond and co-executive creative directors Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal.

The agency’s creative is expected to take the form of TV, radio, outdoor and in-store ads, as well as promotions

Deutsch/LA Taps Dr Pepper

AdWeek reports that Valencia Gayles, founder and former president and CEO of the independent minority marketing firm True Agency, has joined Interpublic Group’s Deutsch/LA to lead the newly won Dr Pepper account, according to Mike Sheldon, agency president.

Well hats off to them, Deutsch has definitely had some good times with their wins on Dr. Pepper, Playstation, and Saturn. Hopefully they can breath some life back into the ailing and almost dead creative industry around LA…yeah we know, we’re skeptical like you are. Now that they’ve got some accounts back, maybe this time around their creatives will stick around longer than a month.

Famous Footwear Taps Campbell Mithun

Famous Footwear has tapped Campbell Mithun as its new lead agency and appointed Willie Smith svp, marketing for the 1,100-store footwear chain, which is owned by Brown Shoe of New York.

The client spends about $20 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

I don’t know too much about Campbell Mithun, i think they’re pretty low key – it should be interesting to see what they do with this account. Their agency site scares me a bit with the whole pills thing though. Your agency on drugs? Oh yeah.