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Agency BS coins the word: GOOCH TWAD!

So a few days ago we batted around the idea to have our own unique word.  We had a few good ideas but with a sudden flash of creativity (oh you know it!) we came up with a new word that offers that subtle but gross jab at the psyche.  Without further ado we Agency BS coins:


If you don’t know what a “gooch” is – Google is your friend.

P.S.  Why the FUCK doesn’t this thing have a text size option?




Well, a lot of shit happened but we won’t get into that cuz it’s smelly, and nasty – although not all poo is created equal mind you.  Anyways, the blog is being fired up again and you’ll be sure to see more of our regurgitated news and crap since no one e-mails us the juicy shit.  Guess we’re not AgencySpy caliber yet.  YET.