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Simpsons Mock Apple

Ahhh yes, it’s been a long time coming…they devoted significant “Simpsons MOCK time” for this too! Weeeee!  Even as a fellow Apple fan, i thought this was pretty hilarious – and you know good ole Stevie did too!


WWDC 2008 – GodJobs Decends!

It’s finally official. Apple and Steve Jobs have announced at their annual WWDC that the new iPhone hits stores July 11th for an affordable $199.

What it gots in a nutshell:

  • 3G
  • Mobile ME (no relation to that horrific Windows ME platform)
  • 3rd Party Applications
  • GPS
  • Enterprise Support
  • Replaces metal back with black or white

No word on:

  • cut & paste
  • MMS
  • Bluetooth keyboard/external drive
  • Flash player
  • Video camera
  • landscape orientated keyboard

At the risk of being labeled an Apple fanboy – i am pretty excited about the 3rd party applications, the Exchange support, as well as the Enterprise..and of course the 3G is a given. I think this what most of the business world is really waiting for. They probably have an iPhone already, just for personal use while they use the Blackberry for business. This could all be integrated if Apple truly delivers. Is this the beginning of the end for Blackberry, Palm, or *gasp* Windows Mobile? Or has the death tolls already rung?

Engadget has the full minute by minute updates. Go read and drool.