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WTF? McDonalds Rethinks Dollar Menu?

AdAge is running an article talking about how rising costs of food, and utilities is hurting the bottom line of many franchises so they’re starting to push back against McDonalds Corp.

“By offering the dollar-menu products that were being offered nationally, our average check went down because customers were trading down to the more attractive prices, but we were not attracting enough new customers to make up the difference,” he said.

I think that while Franchises should be having these discussions and when necessary pushing back on the Corp HQ on bad decisions, pulling the plug on the Dollar Menu is ultimately bad for the brand.  First off it was the Dollar Menu that largely pulled Micky D’s out of gutter some years ago, and it’s what continues to make the business stand out as a forerunner.  Now every place you go whether it’s Burger King, etc…they all have some kind of “Dollar Menu” now.  I think the Franchises are being hit by the economy woes and are looking for an escape.  They’re thinking short term.

Ultimately however, getting rid of the Dollar Menu will upset an intricate balance between McDonalds and all the other options.  I’m willing to bet there will be considerable push back from consumers.  The Franchises should look at alternatives such as reducing items on the Dollar Menu or the main menu maybe, or reducing advertising, just for a limited time (and then bring back later) since they do that a lot with items such as the McRib.  For example, how many fucking chicken sandwiches can you have?  In the rest of the world you have to pay a little for extra condiments, what about that?  I think there’s plenty of things that Franchises can do to reduce their overhead, i just think they’re looking for a quick out.  Use your brains fuckheads, and try not to piss off the all the consumers – Burger King already has a better brand than you.