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Woods Splits with GM


All the media outlets are reporting that Tiger Woods has ended his his five-year, $40 million deal with GM.  While they say it has NOTHING to do with GM (and all US automakers) woes in this horrible US economy, we all know that’s a pile of stinky horse shit.  Regardless, it’s a smart move by Wood’s people, and now that I think about it – he has some really smart people working for him.  It’s not like he needs the money either, the GM deal was only a part of his $100 million in annual endorsement deals with Nike, EA Sports, American Express and Tag Heuer, among others.

It’s not likely he will fill his endorsement portfolio with another car company any time soon, Mr. Carter said. “There’s no urgency there,” Mr. Carter said. “To quickly realign with another automotive [marketer] doesn’t help his brand that much. It makes it look like he needs the money — which he doesn’t — or he wants to maintain a relationship with the industry itself, and at this point in time that’s not a priority with either side.”

I totally agree!  This Carter guy must have some ad chops because he’s totally right.  Any other car deal at this point would damage Tiger’s brand, and it’s not like he needs the money either.  Good stuff as usual Tiger, now if only EA could put out a better game for you.