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Honda’s ASIMO Directs Symphony

Honda’s ASIMO conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as it performs “Impossible Dream” to open a concert performance featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma on May 13th, 2008 to help inspire young students to consider studies in math and science.

This is pretty sweet, i’ve seen other robotic stuff but i think Honda is doing some really neat things. The robot is conducting the right cues in 3/4 and is even providing accurate downbeats accompanied by the nod of the head which shows someone’s been studying conductors when they programmed this into the ASIMO…i’m assuming it’s directly programmed in for this showing but i could be wrong and the robot could be intuitively picking out this head nod function among a library of motions understanding that it should be paired with this type of function…or is that giving too much credit to the technology? Either way, i think (irony of the name – see Isaac Asimov) aside, Honda’s showing us they’re more than just cars. Not only that but this kind of viral video is indirectly increasing brand awareness, or in Honda’s case (everyone knows Honda the brand already), positive brand recognition. Something that perhaps other car makers should be paying attention to.