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TV Ads Get Boring?

You KNOW it’s getting bad when the gooch twads over at AdAge start bitching about the TV commercials.  They’re running a front page article about how redundant and blatent the TV commercials have gotten in terms of recycling old campaigns and running the same ads over and over.

Part of it is of course intentional.  The whole “any press is good press” schtick.  Meaning even if you piss off everyone or in the case of the Toyota “Zero Spot” campaign where people made a Facebook group petitioning AGAINST the TV ad…it’s still getting people talking about the ad.  In some twisted logic, it kinda makes sense.  On the other hand if you piss off everyone, they are just that less likely to pay attention to the next ad, it’s a double edged sword.

The other thing mentioned was that we should (and we are) seeing the trends of TV ads being bought for entire runs of shows.  The “Superbowl” model.  An interesting trend, i think as far as reaching a specific demographic this might bring more results – and campaigns could be targeted and created for that demographic.  Media buyers take notice because the standard model for media buys will have to change.  Don’t get caught with your pants down.  Of course they will need to innovate more than in the past.  If creatives can speak up and have the balls to go for more than the norm, maybe the suits will be more receptive.


Tele2: Don’t be a cheap caller

Client: Tele2
Agency: SMFB, Oslo
Production Company: ACNE
Director: ACNE

I know every one of you has been sitting in a public restroom dropping a deuce and you see these numbers, “For a good time call…”, etc, scrawled and scratched on the walls or stall. In this commercial Tele2 does a great job of acting on everyone’s innate desire and curiousness to call those numbers, but never did. NEVERMIND that the realistic premise of having someone lying in wait in one of the stalls to come in and anally violate you is really fucking wrong and disturbing…*82 FTW!

By the way…since we’re creatives we’re going to be talking about this kinda shit on here, and you’ll see a lot of international stuff too.  Why?  Because we feel that some of the coolest, and most creative shit is NOT in the US.  We’re too uptight, conservative, and retarded on that stuff.